My first job was in radio. My older sister was hosting a children’s program on útvarp Føroya, the Faroe Islands National Broadcasting. I was around 11 years old and she had me reading the “children’s news” on the program: It could be news about a monkey which escaped a zoo in Rio de Janeiro or a juggler who joggled 18 balls at once – or other awesome breaking news.

Later – in 2005 – I got a Bachelor degree in journalism with 1,5 years of internships in DR, Denmark’s Radio. And then I left the radio world. And got into coffee.

I had my first Nordic Barista Cup experience in 2005 and from then on I was in coffee. First as the co-organizer of NBC, an annual coffee seminar-competition-event. I did that until November 2013, when I re-located to San Francisco Bay Area, to begin my American life.

I am the co-founder of Supersonic Coffee, a coffee roasting/wholesale operation located in Berkeley. My job is to support my Supersonic colleagues to be awesome at what they do. Which includes anything from long-term planning and day-to-day organizing, writing/editing text, internal communication and company mind set.

When I travel I bring my recorder and talk to some of the awesome people that I meet.

Thank you for listening …

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