February 2017: Trish Rothgeb

Trish Rothgeb is a licensed Q grader and has been teaching Q grade classes for years. Until recently she served as Director of Q and Educational programs for the CQI.

Trish has served on Roasters Guild Executive Council, has served on World Barista Championship Board of Directors, and she was a founding member of Barista Guild America. On the side, she is the co-owner, green buyer and roast master for Wrecking Ball Coffee in San Francisco…

In this podcast, we talk about her experiences specialty coffee, about being a woman in the coffee industry, about her way from art and painting into coffee, how he persuaded Robert Thoresen in Oslo, Norway into hiring her for roasting and her Scandinavian experiences, about her work at CQI and teaching Q grading all over the world – and a lot of other things.